New Year's Goals

Better belated than never, right?

1. Manage my Time Better: This past semester could have been so much less stressful than it actually was if I had managed my time better

2. Keep my current gpa: I was pleased with my grades this past semester and I want to keep it that way

3. Read 12 Books:  Currently Reading Holding Up the Universe

4. See 7 movies: maybe hidden figures?

5. Photo a Day Challenge 

6. Say No More Often: You know it will lead to less stress

7. Be More Creative: It helps me to prevent getting into ruts.

8. Start a Club : I've had the idea for one forever, just never got around to actually starting it

9. Be more active on here : Because I like blogging

10. Learn  more about web design/HTML/CSS and coding in general.:I am interested in it, but also want to design this blog.

11. Start playing guitar more

12. Sing more

13. Be more honest with myself 


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