How Realistic Do Books Need To Be For You To Enjoy Them?

Recently, I read Every Last Word By Tamara Ireland Stone. I loved the book, but it wasn't too realistic. To me, it didn't even seem like Sam had OCD, and the way the whole story was not how it would have happened in real life. I was kind of surprised by this because usually I dislike books that aren't realistic, and I also usually take some "points" off in my review if they are not realistic. 

Does how realistic a book is affect your enjoyment levels of a book? Personally, I think that a fictional book does not need to be 100% realistic for mwah to enjoy it. However, I do think that a book, even if fictional, needs to be realistic enough to be believable. When reading about a character and their struggle(s), I need to believe they are actually struggling to sympathize with them. All of this is all up to what kind of reader you are and what you like best. In my opinion, fantasy fictional novels can be about 25% realistic, and still be enjoyable for me. However, I need contemporaries to be about 95% realistic for me to enjoy them. 

What about you? How realistic do books need to be for you to enjoy them? Do you need to have contemporaries that are more realistic than contemporaries? Tell me in the comments below. 


  1. This is a great topic :) I think it depends on the genre of the story for the realism of the book to be accurate and all. For instance, if a book like Harry Potter is centered on wizardry and magic, we all know that those things are not realistic, therefore it's acceptable that these things are happening in books or fiction.

    But if a book is a contemporary novel that mirrors to real-life aspects, realism is very important because it depicts aspects of life in its fictional story. Certain things need to be portrayed correctly, or the wrong ideas would be misinterpreted by readers who read them :) Great topic Veronica <3

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. I totally agree with you, the genre definitely decides how realistic a book needs to be for me.


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