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Feeling Nostalgic About Something I Never Did As a Kid

I never watched iCarly as a kid, but most of my friends did. I always felt a bit out a place when people would not only talk but rave about iCarly and how it impacted them as a child, even if that just be by inspiring them to not just go with the flow.

Recently, I started watching iCarly for the first time. I have made it all the way through season 1 and halfway through season two in about a week. Why have I watched so much iCarly in so little time? First of all, it is very addictive and hysterically funny. But, I have a deeper reason for the recent obsession that "It's really, really good."

I feel a weird sense of nostalgia when watching iCarly, even though I never watched iCarly as a kid. I guess I feel a sense of nostalgia for the content and the messages that iCarly does send. I would have realized that I can be myself and be creative and have friends all at the same faster. I also feel a certain warmness and feeling of home when watching iCarly, like the content of…

2016 Wrap-Up

In January, I don't remember doing too much this month. However, I was supposed to go on the Pro-Life trip, and then ended up not going. I also went though some major changes with my group of friends.

In February, I was accepted into the school that I currently attend. This was a big deal for me at the time because I was so excited to leave my old school. I also started playing lacrosse and learned how to knit.

In March, I started journaling and just had a lot of fun.

In April, I was in my school's production of Peter Pan. I also went to finals for my speech team. I was also confirmed in April!

In May, I graduated!! I was so excited to leave behind my old school and start new things. I also started a group journal with some of my best friends from my old school so we can still keep in touch well despite going to different schools now. I honestly cannot say enough how much that journal and those friends have changed my life.

In June, I took a summer class at my new school. I met a l…

feeling sad + optimistic at the same time

this Friday will be rough. the only  reason i am not crying is because i know people help make positive changes when they don't like something or when they are uncomfortable. the new president of the united states will make me uncomfortable to live in the USA. i don't like the idea of him as president.

i know that love trumps hate. that doesn't mean that i will protest his presidency or instigate arguments with people i know over politics. no, it means that we all need to come together, not just as Americans, but as people. we need to recognize that we are all people, and a new leader wont change that. we cant let a new leader make us angry and rash and judgmental.


i am not telling you to look on the bright side and i am not saying that i like the president-elect. what i am saying is that i want us to use this united passion to create good t…