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George Book Review

george // by alex gino

slight spoilers? kind of? idk just read the book. wait no, read the first paragraph of this review and then read the book. 
I love love love this book so much. this book is so sweet and innocent and i just love it so much. i really liked the characters in this book. they were all very raw, but also very good people. all of the people in this book are very accepting after they come to understand what the other people are going through and who they are.

kelly, the MC's best friend was literally the sweetest person ever. she didn't judge her best friend, was supportive of her identity and was so damn strong for an elementary student. i also really liked how kelly's passion for photography was written. it was beautiful and also interesting to see such passion in such a young child.

i felt that the book was the perfect balance of raw and sugar coated material. the bullies that Melissa faced made her journey realistic, but i also felt that it was a bit sug…

Holding Up The Universe Book Review

holding up the universe // jennifer niven 
since i haven't finished a book that i wasn't reading for school since august of 2016, finishing this book today felt like being welcomed back home. i love lazy saturdays and i love good books. 
i want to preface this review by just stating this: i read this book awkwardly so this will be an awkward review. i read this book in three sitting over the course of two months. so... yeah, i don't remember the actual begining of the book too well, but i do remember how i felt when reading it. (like that quote!) i remember feeling an immense happiness and just sheer joy when reading this book. i would fly through literally hundreds of pages in such a short amount of time. i remember being obsessed with the plot and in love with the book. 
i also really, really, really liked libby. libby was extremely smart, kind, funny, and strong. i loved how down to earth she was and how she got mad and did stupid things and wanted to make a point. she …