George Book Review

george // by alex gino

slight spoilers? kind of? idk just read the book. wait no, read the first paragraph of this review and then read the book. 
I love love love this book so much. this book is so sweet and innocent and i just love it so much. i really liked the characters in this book. they were all very raw, but also very good people. all of the people in this book are very accepting after they come to understand what the other people are going through and who they are.

kelly, the MC's best friend was literally the sweetest person ever. she didn't judge her best friend, was supportive of her identity and was so damn strong for an elementary student. i also really liked how kelly's passion for photography was written. it was beautiful and also interesting to see such passion in such a young child.

i felt that the book was the perfect balance of raw and sugar coated material. the bullies that Melissa faced made her journey realistic, but i also felt that it was a bit sug…

I've been the busiest in my entire life recently, but I have also been the happiest

So I tried out for and am now playing lax. Practices take a large chunk out of my day, even if they are fun. In the past, when I was extremely busy, I was also extremely stressed out and was completely unproductive when I had free time. Since starting to play a sport, I have been in the most relaxed state I think I ever have been in. I'm not quite sure why this is. Maybe working out and the endorphins are actually having an impact on my actual health, but I have another theory.

I think that having time doing something I love right after school de-stresses me. Going to school for 7 to 8 hours a day and then trying to dive straight into homework after school just doesn't work. I tried it. I just watched youtube for hours after school and then did my homework sloppily right before my eyelids closed themselves. I also tried to join other extracurriculars after school and then do my homework, but I didn't actually like most of those.

So, if you find yourself stressed out a lot…

Holding Up The Universe Book Review

holding up the universe // jennifer niven 
since i haven't finished a book that i wasn't reading for school since august of 2016, finishing this book today felt like being welcomed back home. i love lazy saturdays and i love good books. 
i want to preface this review by just stating this: i read this book awkwardly so this will be an awkward review. i read this book in three sitting over the course of two months. so... yeah, i don't remember the actual begining of the book too well, but i do remember how i felt when reading it. (like that quote!) i remember feeling an immense happiness and just sheer joy when reading this book. i would fly through literally hundreds of pages in such a short amount of time. i remember being obsessed with the plot and in love with the book. 
i also really, really, really liked libby. libby was extremely smart, kind, funny, and strong. i loved how down to earth she was and how she got mad and did stupid things and wanted to make a point. she …

25 Journaling Prompts

Journaling is fun and is proven (by me and some scientific studies that I am too lazy to look up) to improve your mental health. So you should do it more! And today, I am gonna make it easier for you to be mentally healthier. 
2. write about where you want to be in 5 years... GOALS!!!
3. letter to your future self
4. collage random papers you have
5. write a poem about your feelings at the moment
6. playlists for random feelings you have
7. write about your day
8. write about a book/movie/podcast/song you have been LOVING recently
9. write out all the lyrics to your favorite song in an artsy way to please thy aesthetic.
10. plan something you wanna do
11. research something that interests you (or something that makes you REALLY bored that you have to do for school) and take notes on it
12. write a to-do list because you lost all other paper
13. write about politics so you get it out and don't end up offending your great aunt bertha at her next birthday…

My First Experience with Mock Trial

I had never done mock trial before this year. Mock trial has been one of the best experiences of my life and has helped me to discover a field that I might want to pursue a career in: law. I have learned so much about how the field of law works, what a lawyer does, and how a court case works. I would 10/10 recommend doing mock trial, even if you aren't considering the field of law.

I have gotten to know so many people who are older than me, whom I wouldn't have met if not working with them on mock trial. These people are cool individuals that have really contributed something to my life and definitely have taught me a thing or two about law. I have had some pretty fun times with my team so far and will be sad when the mock trial season comes to a close this year.

That being said, I have a few tips for anyone else just starting out with mock trial. I am the type of person that stresses over things a lot and overprepares, but also the type of person that when I struggle with so…

Feeling Nostalgic About Something I Never Did As a Kid

I never watched iCarly as a kid, but most of my friends did. I always felt a bit out a place when people would not only talk but rave about iCarly and how it impacted them as a child, even if that just be by inspiring them to not just go with the flow.

Recently, I started watching iCarly for the first time. I have made it all the way through season 1 and halfway through season two in about a week. Why have I watched so much iCarly in so little time? First of all, it is very addictive and hysterically funny. But, I have a deeper reason for the recent obsession that "It's really, really good."

I feel a weird sense of nostalgia when watching iCarly, even though I never watched iCarly as a kid. I guess I feel a sense of nostalgia for the content and the messages that iCarly does send. I would have realized that I can be myself and be creative and have friends all at the same faster. I also feel a certain warmness and feeling of home when watching iCarly, like the content of…

2016 Wrap-Up

In January, I don't remember doing too much this month. However, I was supposed to go on the Pro-Life trip, and then ended up not going. I also went though some major changes with my group of friends.

In February, I was accepted into the school that I currently attend. This was a big deal for me at the time because I was so excited to leave my old school. I also started playing lacrosse and learned how to knit.

In March, I started journaling and just had a lot of fun.

In April, I was in my school's production of Peter Pan. I also went to finals for my speech team. I was also confirmed in April!

In May, I graduated!! I was so excited to leave behind my old school and start new things. I also started a group journal with some of my best friends from my old school so we can still keep in touch well despite going to different schools now. I honestly cannot say enough how much that journal and those friends have changed my life.

In June, I took a summer class at my new school. I met a l…