Review Requests


 Genres I Prefer 

These are the genres I tend to enjoy the most and will most likely finish in a quick manner, with a positive review the most likely outcome of my reading. (This, however, does not guarantee a positive review.) 
  • Young Adult 
  • Contemporary 
  • Non-Fiction 
  • Poetry 

Other Genres I Will Review 

These are the genres I enjoy, but not all the time. These genres are usually hit or miss for me. 
  • Middle Grade/ Children's Fiction 
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian 
  • Adventure/Action
  • Fairy Tales/Fairy Tale Retellings/Mythology

Genres I Will Not Review

These genres I almost never enjoy and will not be taking review requests for. If you email me with an offer to review one of these books, I will simply not respond. 
  • Romance/Erotica
  • Religious 
  • Self-Help/ How-To 

Formats I Accept

  • Hardcover
  • Paperbacks
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • ARCs (Advance Reader Copies)

What Do My Reviews Consist Of?

  • Book photography, a brief synopsis taken from goodreads, and my review/opinion on the book. 
  • Please note that all of my reviews are HONEST reviews, therefore I may not like your book and I will write about anything I disliked in my review. I will explain why I disliked your book if applicable, but I will bash no authors in book reviews. 
  • Also, if your book is self-published or not an ARC, it will not get first priority. If you do not indicate a time frame for the the review, I will review the book on my own time. 

What Should I Include in my email?

  • The title of the book, the author of the book, the book's page count, what genre the book is, a brief synopsis of the book, what format you are offering for the book review, and a time frame, if applicable, for the review. 
  • If your book meets all the standards, please email me in the format I have outlined  at 


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