About the Blog

  • I first started blogging in February of 2014 on the wordpress platform. I changed my blog to be under the blogger format in late July of 2015. I mainly book blogged until recently, when I decided that there is more to life than a good book. 
  • In the current days, you will most likely find posts on everything under the sun that strike my fancy, make me tick, or even things that make me want to talk. 
  • This is my own little personal corner of the internet, and I'd be glad for you to join me on my adventure that I like to call life. 

About the Blogger 

  • My name is Veronica Jade. I have other body parts besides feet, but my profile picture will tell you otherwise. I am a full time student. 
  • Some of my hobbies include: reading books, writing books, writing dark poetry, obsessively pinning everything on pintrest, reading book and craft blogs, dancing wildly to upbeat, old, and just plain deep things, playing lacrosse, journaling any thought that pops into my mind, and playing guitar. 
  • Some other things that I like are: fruit, the female remake of ghostbusters, simplistic web design, gorgeously designed blogs, book photography, photography in general, Hamilton the musical (though I am yet to actually see it), jamming in my room, painting things I find online, collages, and debating both small and large issues. 


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