25 Journaling Prompts

Journaling is fun and is proven (by me and some scientific studies that I am too lazy to look up) to improve your mental health. So you should do it more! And today, I am gonna make it easier for you to be mentally healthier. 

2. write about where you want to be in 5 years... GOALS!!!
3. letter to your future self
4. collage random papers you have
5. write a poem about your feelings at the moment
6. playlists for random feelings you have
7. write about your day
8. write about a book/movie/podcast/song you have been LOVING recently
9. write out all the lyrics to your favorite song in an artsy way to please thy aesthetic.
10. plan something you wanna do
11. research something that interests you (or something that makes you REALLY bored that you have to do for school) and take notes on it
12. write a to-do list because you lost all other paper
13. write about politics so you get it out and don't end up offending your great aunt bertha at her next birthday party
14. plan a blog post/ youtube video or whatever type of creative stuff you like to do so you aren't flying by the seat of your pants
15. cut out pictures from a magazine and paste them inside said journal. Then write on top of said pictures and DAMN girl your page look fine.
16. write your opinions on something that an article in time (the magazine) discusses. I actually take notes on time and then do this with like almost every article I read because I am such a nerd.
17. have a friend or someone you just met write you a letter and draw a picture in your journal to warm your soul
18. write a children's story (with illustrations because why not). This is really fun, lets you be creative in a new way, and relieve a whole lot of stress
19. make a "happy list". write down all the things that made you feel happy, joyful, or just brought a smile to your face
20. write down the funny things people you know say. (I have a whole page of quotes by teachers and it makes me laugh uncontrollably every time I read it.)
21. write down all the things that you are dissatisfied with in your life and find solutions to fix that so you will be more satisfied
22. complain about anything and everything. it feels good to get that out. trust me.
23. Do an "I am currently" Page:
- loving
- hating
- wishing
- moving on from
- holding onto
- nervous about
- anxious about
24. write a pep talk for yourself. we all need it sometimes.
25. use duct tape, flowers, glitter, and any other craft supplies you deem necessary to make a BOSS page


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