How Griffin Teen Has Changed My Life and How It Can Change Your Life Too

Griffin Teen has changed my life, and I have only been working with them for a few months. 
Their books haven't changed my life, the amount of books they have sent me haven't changed my life, 
but their actions have exchanged my life.  When my copy of Brutal Youth arrived on my doorstep
this past May, I screamed louder than I ever have before.  I didn't scream because I received a free 
book.  I screamed because I couldn't believe that someone thought that I wrote quality book reviews.

When I received all seven of the books from Griffin, I was filled with insurmountable happiness.  
The free book part was exciting, but the part where they thought I could advertise and promote 
their book adequately.  My self confidence has lifted since. I am genuinely happy with myself.  
I started something that seemed insignificant, small, but someone thought that I was important, that I 
had a unique voice. 

Griffin Teen is just one of the things that have changed my life since I started my book blog. I now receive more than three hundred views on my blog, every single month. More than a hundred people have followed my blog, people actually care what I have to say.   They care enough to read my rambles, my completely unprofessional writing. People from all over the place read my posts. 
I have readers from Korea, The Netherlands, Canada, The UK, Malaysia, Denmark, and India.  These places that I have never been and most likely will not be able to travel to for some time. I find it 
simply amazing that I can create content that will have an impact on someone so far away.  

Griffin Teen can change your life, too. Griffin Teen has completely remodeled their website. Griffin
Teen also have giveaway going on currently along with a super- cool newsletter that you can sign 
up for very easily on their website. Please, go check out their new website , I want you to experience 
the life changing the Griffin Teen deals out first hand.  Griffin Teen may have amazing books 
for teens, but they have lots more to offer!


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