Book Review: Breakaway // Unique Book, But I Don't Recommend

By: Kat Spears
70% out of 100
Teen Book 
Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book in exchange for a review with my honest opinion. This, however, does not change my views on the book in any way, shape, or form. 

When Jason Marshall's younger sister passes away, he knows he can count on his three best friends and soccer teammates―Mario, Jordie, and Chick―to be there for him. With a grief-crippled mother and a father who's not in the picture, he needs them more than ever. But when Mario starts hanging out with a rough group of friends and Jordie finally lands the girl of his dreams, Jason is left to fend for himself while maintaining a strained relationship with troubled and quiet Chick. Then Jason meets Raine, a girl he thinks is out of his league but who sees him for everything he wants to be, and he finds himself pulled between building a healthy and stable relationship with a girl he might be falling in love with, grieving for his sister, and trying to hold onto the friendships he has always relied on. 
A witty and emotionally moving tale of friendship, first love, and loss, Breakaway is Kat Spears at her finest.

Some Notes:
☁ The writing: I absolutely loved the depth of the writing and I also felt that it was a very unique style. 

☁ Sad factor: This book has both a sad beginning and sad ending, but I did feel that this made the book stand out and gave it its voice. 

☁ Redundant: I felt that this book used the same phrases over and over again. I disliked this and felt a lack of creativity in this book.

☁ The Characters: I did not like the characters in this book, and although that did not make the book better, it did make the book different from others. 


I would not recommend this to many people. I do think that this book is very different from others, and I respect the author for that. 


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