When Do You Journal?

Do you journal daily? Or maybe do you journal every-other-daily? Or maybe do you even have no set schedule for journaling? Do you just journal when you feel in a journaly mood? Or maybe you journal when you need to empty your mind? Or when you need to find clarity? Or maybe when you just need to vent for whatever reason?

I personally don't have a set schedule for journaling. I journal when I feel like it, when I need clarity, or when I am in a mood to write a lot. Or maybe I don't feel like writing a lot and I still journal, just more artistically than other days. I have noticed that how I journal varies dependent on my mood and what I feel like talking about.

I talked about a few different types of journaling in my last post about journaling. I have recently noticed that when I am stressed out or I just can't find words for what I am feeling, I tend to do more artistic or collage journaling. When I want to get right to the point about what I am thinking, or feeling, I bullet journal my thoughts. Other times, I write a lengthy entry that could be filled with thoughts, feelings, or a long winded rant. Sometimes when I just want to de-stress myself, I make lists or just doodle.

This brings me to my point: When do you journal and why do you journal at that time? Do you journal because you want to relax? Or because you want to remember that day, your own personal history? Or maybe you just want to feel in touch with your mind, and God? Or maybe you just feel like creating something out of nothing?

I think that a person's journal tells you a lot about them, and what both their life and mental state at the time. But it all depends on the individual. Personally, when I see a lot of long-winded rants and a lot of artistic pages, I know that I had a problem or issue that I had not come to terms with yet. When I have a lot of entries with just ideas in them, I might be going through something, but I also might just be thinking a lot. When I have a list or a bullet journal entry, I most likely have a lot of ideas at that moment, and I want to get them all down on paper before I lose them.

What I want you to get out of that is: no two people journal in exactly the same way. You might both journal artistically and daily, but the meaning of your entries are completely different. You might journal because you want to record your personal history, and the other person might just want mental clarity. We all journal differently and for different reasons. When do you journal? And why?


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