2016 Wrap-Up

In January, I don't remember doing too much this month. However, I was supposed to go on the Pro-Life trip, and then ended up not going. I also went though some major changes with my group of friends.

In February, I was accepted into the school that I currently attend. This was a big deal for me at the time because I was so excited to leave my old school. I also started playing lacrosse and learned how to knit.

In March, I started journaling and just had a lot of fun.

In April, I was in my school's production of Peter Pan. I also went to finals for my speech team. I was also confirmed in April!

In May, I graduated!! I was so excited to leave behind my old school and start new things. I also started a group journal with some of my best friends from my old school so we can still keep in touch well despite going to different schools now. I honestly cannot say enough how much that journal and those friends have changed my life.

In June, I took a summer class at my new school. I met a lot of new people. I had a lot of fun because it was summer. I also played in a summer lacrosse league.

In July, I turned another year older. I went to camp. I almost quit blogging. I saw Mama Mia! performed live.

In August, I started at my new school, where I joined an obscene amount of activities. Including, but not limited to: mock trial, knitting for a greater cause, history club, speech team, and prop crew for my school's fall play.

In September, I became really bogged down and just stressed in general by homework and school; I also worked on a lot of stuff for both mock trial and with prop crew.

In October, The fall play happened. I had my first ever mock trial trial. I played in a lacrosse tournament at a college.

In November, The election happened. I am not old enough to vote so the fact that I had no possible way to change the events that occurred and I was completely powerless in this situation was hard to wrap my head around. It was definitely a life lessons month.

In December, I had exams, Christmas break, and much, much stress and many late nights.

Overall. It was an interesting year. This was a year of personal growth, stress, realizations, and changes. I think I was able to take anything  the year threw at me pretty well. Here's to 2017, the year ahead!


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