Feeling Nostalgic About Something I Never Did As a Kid

I never watched iCarly as a kid, but most of my friends did. I always felt a bit out a place when people would not only talk but rave about iCarly and how it impacted them as a child, even if that just be by inspiring them to not just go with the flow.

Recently, I started watching iCarly for the first time. I have made it all the way through season 1 and halfway through season two in about a week. Why have I watched so much iCarly in so little time? First of all, it is very addictive and hysterically funny. But, I have a deeper reason for the recent obsession that "It's really, really good."

I feel a weird sense of nostalgia when watching iCarly, even though I never watched iCarly as a kid. I guess I feel a sense of nostalgia for the content and the messages that iCarly does send. I would have realized that I can be myself and be creative and have friends all at the same faster. I also feel a certain warmness and feeling of home when watching iCarly, like the content of the episodes and the feelings that the characters are something that I have experienced before.

I know that there are many tv shows that would be a better use of my time and grasp my attention and intellect more firmly than iCarly, but I can't seem to stop coming back to it. Maybe it's that warm feeling, or maybe it is for that younger self who never watched iCarly and was dying to know what everyone at school was talking about.

What I want to know is if it is possible to feel nostalgia for something you never personally experienced as a child or is it just that warm feeling of familiarity to my younger self's thoughts, feelings, and aspirations?


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