George Book Review

george // by alex gino

slight spoilers? kind of? idk just read the book. wait no, read the first paragraph of this review and then read the book. 

I love love love this book so much. this book is so sweet and innocent and i just love it so much. i really liked the characters in this book. they were all very raw, but also very good people. all of the people in this book are very accepting after they come to understand what the other people are going through and who they are.

kelly, the MC's best friend was literally the sweetest person ever. she didn't judge her best friend, was supportive of her identity and was so damn strong for an elementary student. i also really liked how kelly's passion for photography was written. it was beautiful and also interesting to see such passion in such a young child.

i felt that the book was the perfect balance of raw and sugar coated material. the bullies that Melissa faced made her journey realistic, but i also felt that it was a bit sugar coated at points. i felt like melissa's immediate family, friends, and just local humans accepted her too quickly. yes, her mom took awhile to come around to the idea, but i feel like it was too quickly to be realistic. (yes, i do understand that this book is short so this is to be expected. i still hold my opinion.) i might also see this to be unrealistic because i live in a very conservative area where many people make quite a large stink about something as simple as this, so someone being accepted for who they are this quickly is unheard of in my experience.

i want to end this review on a positive note: this was an adorable an innocent way to inform so many ignorant people on non-binary gender identities. (myself included. as i mentioned earlier, i live in a conservative area, so being openly LGBT+ is not too common.) therefore, i don't know too much and i liked how easily this book taught me. i think that it was easy to follow and learn from because it was about innocent children and just wanting to be accepted for who you are. there was nothing political or persuasive about this book. it was just a book about cute children and an innocent little girl who wants to play charlotte in a play. but it was also so much more than that. i liked it. go read it.  


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