Holding Up The Universe Book Review

holding up the universe // jennifer niven 

since i haven't finished a book that i wasn't reading for school since august of 2016, finishing this book today felt like being welcomed back home. i love lazy saturdays and i love good books. 

i want to preface this review by just stating this: i read this book awkwardly so this will be an awkward review. i read this book in three sitting over the course of two months. so... yeah, i don't remember the actual begining of the book too well, but i do remember how i felt when reading it. (like that quote!) i remember feeling an immense happiness and just sheer joy when reading this book. i would fly through literally hundreds of pages in such a short amount of time. i remember being obsessed with the plot and in love with the book. 

i also really, really, really liked libby. libby was extremely smart, kind, funny, and strong. i loved how down to earth she was and how she got mad and did stupid things and wanted to make a point. she was so real and so human. i liked that because we often, as a society, dehumanize people who receive harsh judgments about outward appearance, such as a character like libby. libby was beautiful and confident and sassy. she was literally everything that i want to be. 

i also really liked the other characters and the dynamic of how they acted around one another. it could be really sweet, or really funny, and sometimes it was definitely over-romanticized. but that's ok. none of the romance was cringe-worthy, and all of it seemed real, and believable. most of the romance was actually adorable. the dialogue was either too funny for words or too deep to be described. niven did a fantastic job with this book and  i would recommend to almost anyone, especially anyone who doesn't love themselves and the skin that they live in. 


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