Book Review: Henry the Turtle

Henry the Turtle
By: C.K. Sobey
80% out of a 100
Small children's book
Very few pages

Discalimer: I revieved a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest-opinion review. However, this does not change my opinion in any, way, shape, or form. 
A delightful tale of a turtle being born to a family of ducks. When Henry the Turtle is abandoned as an egg in an all-duck community, it causes quite a stir! A caring mother duck quickly adopts the egg, keeping it warm and safe, and every duck in the community awaits its hatching with wonderment and awe. Henry the Turtle is a loving testament to the power of family, with a simple yet timeless message: There are no limits to what caring and nurturing can do for all living creatures. Follow Henry the Turtle as he finally meets his adopted duck family in this beautifully illustrated story that will appeal to young children everywhere!

What I Thought:
I finished this book about a month ago and I'm still not sure what to think about it. It was really cute and 
I think that I would have really enjoyed it when I was little.  I just didn't enjoy it that much now, however.
I also feel that I didn't get to know the characters at all since this book was so short.  The drawings
were similaristic to a child which was cute.  I liked the underlying message in this book, 
and think that it is a good message for small children.  Overall, I think that this is a good read-aloud book for small children. 


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