An Open Letter to Authors

Dear Authors, 

Once, when I was young, I believed that you were all the same, epic people creating epic stories. I now know the cold, hard truth. Not all authors are created equally. Most authors are the most caring sweet people ever, but some others do some questionable things. 

Any author who shares their book with the world needs to be able to handle criticism. I know that some may say that I am not a real author because my work isn't yet published, and that "I wouldn't understand". However, I can deal with criticism. I hear someone say "This is horrid." and I retort, "How can I fix it?".  Before I listen to my critic's opinions, I ask myself a few questions. Be honest, is it really horrid? If it is horrid, how can you fix it? Who told you that your work was horrid? Does their opinion truly matter? 

You and only you get to choose whose opinion matters in your life. If you want everyone to have an opinion that matters in your life, you need to have very tough skin. If you write a book, and spend hours upon hours upon hours writing it, someone is still not going to like it. It's the honest truth. If you can't swallow the truth, you may need to wait awhile to let your baby into the world. 
Don't just swallow that truth, chew on it. 



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