Book Recommendations: Books That Will Make You Goey Inside {#1}

Whoop Whoop! Book Recommendation Time!

I cannot express my love for Finding Audrey enough. Finding Audrey is about a girl with social anxiety and her healing journey. This book is hysterical at some points and heart wrenching at other points. This book has the best of both worlds. I really want Sophie Kinsella to write some more YA really badly. 

Since You've Been Gone is so perfect for summer or when you are feeling a little down. This book is about when Sloan's, our main character, best friend goes missing. Then, Sloan finds a list of stuff her best friend wants her to do before she comes home. And Sloan basically does them all.  Since You've Been Gone is super unique and the writing style is beautiful and deep. I love how much Sloan grows and becomes such a beautiful young person. This book is perfect for anyone and is like eating ice cream on a warm, lazy summer day. 

Okay, so can we bask in the glory that is the cover of Everything, Everything? You aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, but this one sells it on the first glance. Everything, Everything is about a girl who is allergic to almost everything, so she never leaves her house. EVER. So, then this boy moves in next door and she does some stuff. Oh, and she reads some books. This book, guys. Everything, Everything was perfect in EVERY possible way. (FINE, I'll stop my really corny jokes.)The writing was so full of depth but also wasn't too dense. I loved how the characters developed and grew in this book.  JUST GO READ IT NOW!!!

So, I finished Emmy & Oliver in under 24 hours, and it's almost 400 pages. I almost never do that. EVER!! Emmy & Oliver is about a boy named Oliver who was kidnapped by his Dad for ten years, and then he returns to his hometown where his Mom and old best friends live. This book is about mending those broken relationships that were left in the town along with Oliver's childhood. Emmy & Oliver is beautifully touching and has some of the sweetest relationships, whether they be romantic or with your best friends. The characters develop and it's just great. GO READ IT!!

I hope you enjoyed this new type of post, and I really hope you go read these books. 


  1. EMMY AND OLIVER IS FAR TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS. <3 I seriously am not the biggest contemporary fan...but that book, afjdkalfsd it melted me. I loved the banter and the quirkiness and Oliver was just darn adorable. And Emmy was *squeak* one of my favourite protagonists of them all. ALSO SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE. Endless love for the lists!!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I CAN'T EVEN. EMMY AND OLIVER BROKE MY EVEN. Emmy and Oliver was so cute, and I couldn't go into that much depth because I would shjshgjfd, but I plan on writing a review soonish. (Maybe next week?)


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