New Year's Resolutions

With the New Year of 2016 coming up, I started to come up with possible resolutions, and then I had an idea. Every single year I make a New Year's Resolution, or a few, and I never ever actually complete them. So, I decided I would make New Year's Resolutions for every single week in the year. Yep, that's right, I have made fifty-two New Year's Resolutions, and I am going to share them and different ways to organize them today. 

  1. You could just be an all-around organized person. However, be honest with yourself, are you really, truly organized? If not, keep reading. 
  2. Have two mason jars, one with the Resolutions you have not completed, and one for the Resolutions you have completed. 
  3. Make a paper chain, and on each link, have a resolution written. You can throw them away, glue them into a scrapbook with a quick or lengthy reflection, or start another paper chain for the completed resolutions once finished. 
  1. Bake Cookies
  2. Do some Random Acts of Kindness
  3. Clean something that needs to be cleaned
  4. Finish a book in a day
  5. Make a craft off Pintrest 
  6. Try Yoga
  7. Bake some stuff in a mug
  8. Go gluten-free
  9. Take some pictures 
  10. Go to a movie
  11. Try a different hairstyle
  12. Learn how to knit
  13. Write a poem
  14. Commit to something new
  15. Help out someone in need
  16. Go to an old store
  17. No sweets this week
  18. Try blogging more
  19. Find a way to make and save some money
  20. Try a new type of workout
  21. Pack your lunch in advance
  22. Do some redecorating
  23. Learn some words of another language
  24. Write a book (or at least 50k)
  25. Send some request emails to some publishers (for ARCs)
  26. Learn more about HTML/CSS
  27. Learn to play some new songs on guitar
  28. Try out some new hair/make-up products
  29. Do a service project
  30. Come up with a new feature on your blog
  31. Try some new food
  32. Complete the Popsugar Reading Challenge
  33. Read some classics
  34. Research and find the right kind of prayer process for me
  35. Make a time capsule
  36. Plan and throw a group sleepover
  37. Look into possible careers
  38. Make some videos and learn how to edit them 
  39. Write the second draft of a book
  40. Watch some old movies
  41. Improve my photography skills
  42. Find out who I am 
  43. Revamp my blog, with my own coding skills
  44. Clean out and organize my bookshelf
  45. Come up with and plot a new novel
  46. Try out some art projects
  47. Declutter your life
  48. Find some outfits that you truly love
  49. Find a way of organization that works for you
  50. Get into some new music
  51. Reread and rewatch some of your favorite childhood books and movies
  52. Become immersed in your parents favorite books and movies
These are personally my New Year's Resolutions. If you want to use some of them and tweak it a little bit, or just totally use them, go ahead. I am going to be chronicling my adventures with these Resolutions every week. I hope you enjoyed this post and you will enjoy the others in this series/challenge thing. 


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