That's a Wrap: 2015 in Review

Soo.... I wasn't going to do one of these posts, I wasn't! But, then scrolling through like six million  of them on my Bloglovin' feed, I thought, Why not? So without further ado.... My 2015 Wrap up. 

2015 was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be, and yet it was great and terrible in many ways. 
In January, I made many "resolutions" that included things like completing two school years of French on Rosetta Stone. I completed one unit. One Unit! From January to May, I read quite a lot and blogged a lot on my Wordpress blog. Also in May, I received my first review copy in my whole blogging career! I have since received many copies and improved my analytical skills when reading. In June and July, I went on a hiatus before deciding to switch to blogger. Also in July, I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo, and absolutely failed, but I learned something about myself, I can write ten thousand words in less than a week and do other stuff with my life.  In August, I started my last year at the only school I have ever attended, and I am both looking forward to leaving and loving every moment I have left with my class.  In November, I decided that I am going to get really serious about this blogging thing and I am branching out what I talk about, learning about HTML/CSS, and improving photography. 

In 2016, I will graduate from the only school I have ever attended, and then I will start at a new school. I will also try to keep my life balanced, more so than the other times I have said that I will do this. Also, expect to see a tiny bit less of me as I will be starting at a new school with a heavier workload, but that won't happen until August so until then, I will bombard you with as much random unnecessary stuff as I see fit! As for the rest of the new year ahead, I am going to mostly leave it up to fate, but I do have just a few things I want to do this year.  


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