Quotes Show You A Story (ft. Say What You Will)

Since I believe that if you pick certain quotes out a story, you will be shown the story, I have now made a new feature for it. Oh, and this Quotes Show You A Story will be focusing on Say What You Will By Cammie McGovern. 

"Living in a body that limits my choices means I am not a victim of fashion or cultural pressures because there is no place for me in the culture I see." I think this quote really shows you how Amy was perfectly fine with not experiencing life, experiencing what she was meant to experience until the right person came along. 
"Counting was a relief. Almost a pleasure. A way to measure and contain a world that otherwise spun too quickly for him." This quote about Matthew's OCD. He tries to control an imperfect world, and he just can't. He can't control it and when Amy tries, she can't either. I didn't always like how the unrealatable issues were dealt with in this book, but I do really like  this quote. 

  • "My obvious struggle opens a door and makes other people more open about their own struggles." I really like this quote because it shows you how Matthew  and Amy helped each other break out of their comfort zones, and do the unthinkable. They could tell one another anything, and that made their struggles more bearable.
  • “I have learned that some people who look fine are more crippled than I am by fears they can’t explain.” I really like this quote because it gives Matthew’s condition some credit. Yes, Matthew is normal most of the time, but sometimes he is spinning out of control. For most people, anxiety or OCD isn’t a disability because they can’t see it. Since you can’t “see” anxiety or OCD it is then even more of a disability than if you can see it, because then no one can even understand what you are going through. 
  • “Because even as I say this will never work out, part of me still hopes it will.” I love this quote, not because of what it meant in the  story, but because it describes my feelings towards the end. I didn’t like how Matthew and Amy just didn’t talk to each other for like, three months, he helps her through the climax, and then they ignore each other again. Like, what the heck? At least try to work things out. 

  • “We have learned that no one is perfect.” I love this quote even when it is not attached to the story. Being “perfect” or “perfection” doesn’t happen. Nothing can have nothing wrong with it. I want to hang this quote up on my wall. 
  • “Something did die every time you changed.” This quote shows you how much our characters  develop throughout the course of this story. They changed a lot, and their old sleeves no longer existed. 
  • “The voice in his head was never happy, even when he slavishly followed its whims.” This quote gives you a quick glimpse into Matthew’s head when he was out of control. The “voice” in his head was uncontrollable, and that made his condition even scarier. 
  • “You can’t get over how something three pounds can change the whole world.” I really like this quote because it shows you what joy is in the air when a baby is born. When my younger siblings were born, I  was filled with an utmost love that can only come from something that is so small, so innocent.

  • “I wish I had loved her right from the beginning. Now so many days are lost and gone.” This quote perfectly describes my feelings about Matthew and Amy. I just wanted them to be together. They were so cute together and they helped each other overcome life and its obstacles. They just NEED to be together. 
  • “We filled each other’s gaps.” Another quote proving that Matthew and Amy have a perfect harmony that needs to be a couple. 
  • “Being friends with you made me feel like I could do more than I ever realized.” Amy and Matthew can do so much together and help each other. They should at least talk to each other.  


  1. I LOVE THE QUOTES <3 I swear, this is a really great idea and I am literally just swooning over one of the quotes because it was really sweet and I enjoyed reading these HAHA. You suddenly got me intrigued by this book! Amy and Matthew sound good together <3

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. YAY! I love it when I get people interesting in book I love! Amy and Matthew are perfect together, regardless of what our author thinks. (I'm still not quite over the ending.) GO READ IT NOW!! :)

  2. Ohhh, I do love some of these quotes!! I didn't really enjoy the book overall though? I do feel guilty about that, but gah, I was so frustrated with their lack of communication and how Amy had to "fix" Matthew instead of just accepting him for who he was like he accpeted her. It felt unfair. :( But I LOOOOVE what you said about OCD/Anxiety being an even bigger disability because it's not even understood by most people and yet it's still absolutely huge. I couldn't agree more!!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I really liked how Amy and Matthew helped each other overcome their struggles, but I didn't like how Amy always wanted him to be perfect. Other than that, however, I LOVED this book.


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