"Stop Being Stupid Celeana." and other gripes about Crown of Midnight

I did not like Celaena in this book. At all. She was so full of herself and cocky. "Does your  love for yourself know no bounds?" That quote really shows you how self-centered Celeana was in this book. If she wanted revenge, Celeana would not only kill someone, but she would be a brutal and keep maiming him until he was begging for death. Who does that sound like? Voldemort, that's who.

The writing in this book both made and broke this book. It was slow in the beginning, and had a sagging middle.  Then, in the action scenes, I was glued to the book. The writing could be beautiful, but then could turn around and just be dumb. 

I also HATED the romance in this book. It was extremely cheesy and was so typical. The love triangle is just unnecessary and cliche. I hated the scenes with Choal. They were cringe-worthy. I could handle the scenes with Dorian, but they were still not my favorite. 

I also didn’t like how our wonderful main character kept telling everyone her secret. You’re finally being good! That’s great, but don’t tell anyone. Don’t get yourself killed. Don’t go in the van. Don’t be stupid. If she looks dangerous, don’t go into her place. You might not to be able to take her. She has magic. I was literally shaking my head throughout this whole book because Celeana was being so stupid. 

I liked two things in this book. Do you know how sad that is? I liked the sarcastic remarks between Dorian and Celeana. The sarcastic remarks was the only thing that kept Dorian and Celeana’s relationship from being too cringe-worthy. I also found the Wyrdmarks and the magic to be super interesting. I loved the mystery. I enjoyed the mystery so much that I might continue the series because of the mystery, but I’m not sure yet. 

Did Kaltain remind anyone else of Johanna? When they were in jail, I was reminded of Johanna so much whenever Celeana and Kaltain would talk, I would have flashbacks to Mockingjay and Catching Fire. 

Overall, This book was a disappointment. The characters weren’t what they used to be and everything I did enjoy seemed to have been chucked out the window


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