Why The School for Good and Evil is like Harry Potter

Harry Potter is awesome. The School for Good and Evil is awesome. Now Let's compare. 

  • About a school where you learn to use magic, regardless of what house you are in. 
  • Everyone, for the most part has the same subjects. 
  • You have a slow moving plot for almost the whole book, but it is very interesting. 
  • You have an annoying antagonist, Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy is basically the most stuck up person you are ever going to meet. He is also the equivalent of someone so racist they want none of a certain race in their school. AND HE WORKS FOR SOME OF THE MOST EVIL PEOPLE EVER. 
  • The dialogue is hilarious. 
  • and deep. 
  • And the writing is funny and thought-provoking. 
  • Great character development, even in the villain. 
  • You have a great main female character, Hermione, who shows you that you can be smart, have great friends, help save the wizarding world, and kick all the butts at the same time. 
  • There is a great 3rd person narrative that gives you some inside info that makes you wonder EVEN MORE. 
  • You have an annoying main character (at times), Harry Potter. Harry Potter complains about his wizarding homework, has Hermione help him with everything, and has so much teen angst in the fifth book, which is really annoying.  Harry also has a lack of doing things to change stuff and DWELLS WAY TOO MUCH ON HIS PAST. 
  • I would recommend this book to everyone ever. 

  • Takes Place at a school, where they teach students how to do things like villains or heroes. After you graduate, you get your own fairy tale. 
  • Evil learns potions and magic and everything else cool. Good learns stuff like how to get a husband and how to be beautiful. 
  • Very slow beginning, and is very interesting. 
  • Has an annoying antagonist, in the way that Draco Malfoy is an antagonist. This book's "Draco" was Sophie. I hated how vain and stuck up she was. However, I did like her leader side  that took charge and was very crafty. 
  • Lots of character development in almost all the characters. 
  • Great female main character, our main character in this book is a bit like Hermione, but not too much. Agatha was super smart and could see through almost anyone. I also like how kind, caring, and unpredictable. 
  • The dioulouge and writing are super hilarious while being super deep with many meanings, just like Harry Potter
  • Unique 3rd person Point Of View that you rarely see in books. 
  • I felt that this book was very reminiscent of Harry Potter, but less complex, and with less layers. 
  • We also had another character, Tedros, and his match in Harry Potter is Harry Potter. Tedros was annoying and sweet in the perfect boy kind of way. Tedros was also too caught up in the rules and his past for my taste. He was too absorbed in things that were not in the moment, which degraded his character I would say. 
  • I would recommend this book to middle graders and teens alike, but I would not recommend this book as widely as I would for Harry Potter.
Have You Read Harry Potter? If You Haven't, Where do You Live? I know that you live under a rock if you haven't read Harry Potter. If you liked Harry Potter and you aren't that much older than a teen or in your twenties, I would recommend  The School For Good and Evil. Do you like my somewhat creative book review thingys? Or do you prefer my traditional ones? Let me know in the comments below. 


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