Why I Could Not Live at Sanctuary Bay

I read Sanctuary Bay a little while ago, and while I did LOVE it, I could never live there without constantly screaming my head off. Also, I received a copy of this book from the publisher, and as usual, my opinion is not altered by this in any way, shape, or form. 

  1. The whole "you live on the island until you graduate" concept. At Sanctuary Bay, an elite college-prep school, you live on the island, from freshman year until senior year without leaving to visit family over the holidays. I go to a school that is small and I have a small class. They drive me nuts sometimes and I don't live on the same small island 24/7 with them. People would drive me nuts and I would scream ALL. THE. TIME.
  2. The photographic memory of our dear protagonist, Sarah. While it would be AWESOME to have a photographic memory when it came to studying and school, it would suck very badly the rest of the time. We all have memories or incidents that we have forgotten and would not like to remember. Our protagonist, Sarah watched her parents get murdered when she was like, 3. She’s like 16 or 17 now and she still has flashbacks to that horrific night. *shudders* I could not handle that. snactuarybay3.jpg
  3. Ummm… those characters. The characters in this book were special. All of the characters either scared the crap out of me or were sociopaths, or were both. The characters were so messed up, and I think that is what made this book so interesting and gripping. 
  4. “We were all responsible for the murder, even if she was the only one brave enough to pull the trigger.” *shudders* This book was so thrilling and terrifying at the same time. The random side things in this story were really what made it itself. I think this quote perfectly captures the horrors that went on in the book.sanctuarybay2.jpg
  5. The “wolfpack”. The wolfpack is a secret club at Sanctuary Bay where teenagers basically dare each other to do a bunch of things, ranging from plain dumb to horrifying. I hated the wolf pack so much, mostly because I don't like it when people do dumb things.
  6. “Sanctuary Bay was a paradise, no matter what lay underneath.” THIS IS A LIE. I repeat, this is a lie. Sanctuary Bay is built on the remains of both a WWII Nazi POW Camp and an insane asylum. There is a lot of cool history with this, but it also adds a lot of super creepy elements, like “Fortitude”. And while I really liked the scenes where they explored the remains, they really really creeped me out. sanctuarybay1.jpg
  7. The whole “Fortitude” thing. I won’t go into too much detail, as that would spoil the whole book, but I will talk briefly about this insane element of the story. Sanctuary Bay advertises that they have a “state of the art therapy center”, but they don’t even monitor it. Sanctuary Bay partnered up with “Fortitude” to do some pretty sketchy stuff that REALLY explains why all of Sanctuary Bay’s graduates are so successful. 
  8. Sarah’s past. I love my family and I spend quite a lot of my time with them. I cannot imagine my life without them and watching them being murdered at such a young age would be just life altering. Also, I felt such pity for Sarah when she briefly described some of her experiences with foster-care.

Have you read Sanctuary Bay? Have I convinced you not 

to live there, but to read the book? *wink, wink* Tell me it 

all in the comments below.


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