6 Fun Things To Do In A Library That Aren't Reading

1. Hide Notes In Library Books
You could put literally any kind of note in  the books. I have put notes in books recommending books, recommending my blog (shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone), and ones that just say "Have a great day!" or "Smile!"

2. Hide Money in Books
Even if you only put a dollar in the book, you WILL make someone's day.

3. Scavenger Hunt
I have never done one of these in a library, but a scavenger hunt with hints hidden in books would be so much fun. 

4. Ask A Librarian For Reading Recommendations
If you have a good librarian, they most likely will be able to give you recommendations in almost any  genre.  

5. Give Your Librarian Book Recommendations
Give Him/Her Recommendations for what you want at the library. Want to read a book, but you don't want to pay for it in its hardcover glory? Suggest that the library purchase it to add to the collection.  You will have to wait a while, but it will be free as opposed to the price of a brand new hardcover.

6. Attend Library Programs
The library programs my library puts on are so much fun! They hold craft days, movie showings, book clubs, and countless other activities.  You may or may not have to sign up, depending on the event and your library.  


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