Book Review: Matilda

By: Roald Dahl
92% out of 100
Kid's Book
240 pages
Contains Slight Spoilers.

Matilda taught herself to read when she was 4. She walked herself to the library when she was 4 years old and 3 months.  She read all the children's books within a few weeks.  Now she's an avid reader of adult books.  Matilda is very intelligent and clever.  Her family is not and they think she is too.  She plays pranks on them to teach them lessons.  They never know it's her.  When Matilda starts school, she amazes her teacher by being able to do very advanced math quickly, reading large amounts of text, and her writing.  Matilda soon discovers a talent and comes up with a plan.  This plan will help rid the school of the quite sinister Trenchbull.

What I Thought:

I loved Matilda.  I felt like she was my little sister. I love how she hardly knew her intelligence and wasn't cocky when she figured it out.  I loved how she so easily fooled everyone.  I also loved her love of books.  It was so cool that she could understand things like an adult.  I also love Matilda's teacher, Miss Honey.  She was so sweet and caring, despite her struggles.  I also loved her on Matilda's first day of school.  I thought that it was so cool that after a while Miss Honey just got used to Matilda's maturity and treated her like an adult.  I also loved Matilda and Miss Honey's relationship.
I absolutely loathed Miss Trenchbull and Matilda's Parents.  I didn't loathe Matilda's brother as much because he was so little, therefore her couldn't help going along with his parents.  However, I thought Matilda's parents were extremely  uneducated.  and very dull thinkers.  I really hated it when they were like, "What's to come of  sitting on your bum all in day, reading a story book?" A lot more will come of reading a book all day than sitting on your bum watching the television all day.  Why did no one stand up to the Trenchbull besides Matilda? I mean, honestly, child abuse and not even for a legit reason.
The plot was a bit slow, but I enjoyed this book anyhow.  I hated it when Matilda's mom was like, "I chose looks and you choose books.  I got it so much better." Well, guess what lady?  Miss Honey actually earns her keep, she doesn't sit on her bum all day playing bingo.  I mean, honestly, I would never not choose books.  Looks die after time, and grey hairs cover your head.  Books, however, give you knowledge that can help you earn money or help others.  What do looks do? they make you vain and wear away eventually.
I liked Matilda's solution to the problem of the Trenchbull.  I did not, however, think that the ending was very realistic.  It was happy, I'll give you that, but very few parents would just give their kid up just like that. I thought that they would be like,"No, you can't take our brat, she has to be miserable with us."

Summary of my review:

 Overall, I enjoyed it, but would have more thoroughly enjoyed it if I had read it earlier.


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