Why You Should Now Expect More and Less From Me

I am now declaring that I have given up on trying to post every day.  
This is both bad and good.  Bad for you if you enjoy my content and posts, but good for me and 
my grades/ academic success. The reason I will be posting less is I want to focus more on school and 
any other big projects I want to work on at the time.  Some changes I want to implement in my blog 
and posts will be listed below.

More Quality, Less Quantity
I want my blog posts to follow some of the English grammar rules. (Not all of them, just some of them. :0 ) I also want to work on writing better quality book reviews and other discussion type posts so they are more structured.  Since the posts will have more quality, they will take longer to make.  When posts take longer to write, I am going to have less of them. 

More Unique Posts
I feel like I only do book reviews and bookish posts. I have loads of ideas for discussion posts, random lists, fun activities, and even some DIYs. With so many ideas, I hope that some of them are good.  I also want to just have different types of book reviews. I already have and idea for one, but 
I want to do something that is new and fresh, like Haiku Reviews on maureenkeavy's YouTube channel. 

A New Theme/Layout
As much as I do like the freedom to change the layout and background on Blogger, I don't feel like the current theme suits me.  I want to code it all, but that is a big confusing mess of a project that will most likely result in serious headaches.  When I am feeling really ambitious and on top of the world, I will attempt coding the layout. 

Posts A Few Times During The Week
As I am in a higher grade this year than I was last year, the work load is a bit heavier.  I want to give every assignment my all, however tedious I may find it to be. I want to que a few posts for during the week, so I can completely focus on school during the week.

Read Deeper
I don't mean read deeper, more meaningful books.  I want to read the books I do read slower, so I can get more out of it than I usually do.  Maybe reading more meaningful books should be on this list. I also want to take review notes so I can write better book reviews.  


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