Book Review: Also Known As

Also Known As
By: Robin Benway
95% out of 100
Teen Book
308 pages


Maggie has spent her whole life traveling the globe, helping her parents complete missions. Now, they move to Manhattan and Maggie has her own mission to befriend the super-cute son of a man who just might blow her family's cover, forever.  As she gets to know Jesse better, Maggie realizes that she has real feelings for Jesse, and she just might be assassinated for it.

What I Thought:

Maggie's so cool.  I love her wit and sarcasm. I also love that she could pick locks when she was 3.  I also love how she thought that Jesse would be a jerk at first and then falls in love with him.  I love Jesse a lot, too. (if not more than Maggie) I love his wisecracks and seemingly perfectness, when really he's a haute mess. I love his curls and romantic gestures.  ( cheery ring pops are cool.) I also love the part at the Halloween party when he was drinking apple juice instead of scotch.  And how he just knows everything, (like her being a spy) but not really knowing it.  I liked Roux when she was sober. I liked her when she was all  bff-y and doing maggie's make-up and stuff. At some points throughout the book, I was like "Shut Up, brat!"  I really liked Angelo.  He was like your cool, young uncle who you wish was your dad.  He was almost always there and always gave Maggie a pick-me-up when she needed it.  He is so trustworthy, so Maggie could always spill her heart.
I have always been obsessed with spies.  At one point in my life, I actually wanted to be a spy. Even at a young age, I gobbled up spy books, nonfictional and fictional.  This was one of the good spy books, and I should know that.
The plot was not the greatest, yet pretty good.  It was paced well, however, could use some more suspense.  It didn't give everything away, yet gave you a good amount. the writing style was good one, and I loved the sarcastic tone of the teenager that it gave. I also loved the wit.  The descriptions were mediocre.  I also enjoyed the ending.  

Summary of my review:

I would definitely recommend this book. I loved it and you most likely will too. 


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